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Eleda Shop LLC opened its Ebay store in 2004 and has been selling many beautiful fashion dolls (mostly Barbie), clothes, and accessories for over 15 years. It has been a hot spot for doll collectors, hobbyists, and OOAK (one of a kind) artists. We made many grandmothers happy who were looking for unique gifts for their granddaughters and mothers who found unique doll clothes for their daughters’ dolls. At Eleda Shop many doll enthusiasts found one of a kind gifts for each other for the holidays. Many doll collectors love shopping at Eleda Shop and show off their unique purchases on their social media sites.

Eleda Shop opened its Amazon store in 2019.

Eledoll is a trademark and brand name that was “born” from Eleda Shop Dolls.  In 2019 we introduced the Eledoll fashion doll line. Alice, Philomena, and Lilly are 11.5″ tall and have similar body proportions as their friend, Barbie. Most Eledoll fashions fit Barbie.  Eledolls have 16 articulations including double joints, ball joints and see through realistic inset eyes (not painted). All Eledolls have an innocent look to them and wear elegant and classic fashions. Eleda Shop will introduce new dolls in the near future some taller, some shorter, and some with different bodies and joints. There is a big variety of Eledoll fashions, 1:6 scale dollhouse furniture and accessories. In our stores, you can also find clothes and accessories for all popular dolls including 18”, 14.5”, 11.5” and also smaller sizes. Many dolls and fashions are limited editions. 

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